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Some punters are invested in the notion that you have to lose your shirt before you can gain any credibility. That’s like saying you have to be involved in a head-on car crash before you can call yourself a driver. Horse racing betting tips: the best bettor is the one who wins and below we’ll provide you some racing betting tips on how to become that bloke and not the one in the corner muttering into his pint.
Getting Started
There are untold millions who will bet on a horse race once or maybe twice a year. These people typically confine their betting activity to the premier racing events like the Gold Cup. But we’re going to assume that’s not you. Instead you’re one of those chaps with some dubloons in hand who wants to take a real stab at mastering the ponies. Here are some horse racing betting tips to know.Odds are most often displayed in fractional form. So if a horse is listed at 10/1 that means that for every £1 you wager you stand to win £10. The number on the right is your stake and the number on the left is how much that stake will deliver should you win. So 4/1 odds will deliver £4 for every £1 wagered and 20/1 will deliver £20 for every £1 wagered while 3/10 will deliver £3 for every £10 wagered.
Racing Betting Tips Before You Wager
Successful horse race bettors take time to do research before placing their bets. Here are some of the things they look at.
Dirt or Turf?
It’s a rare horse that will be successful on both surfaces. In short, if a horse continually stalls on the dirt track there’s a good chance it will thrive on turf. Likewise if a horse has been dominant on turf that’s no guarantee it will be the same horse on a dirt track. Racing betting tips: Research your horse a bit and find out if it prefers one surface over the other before betting on it.
Note the Track Conditions
It is a wise bettor indeed who takes note of track conditions before placing a bet on a particular horse on a given day. Some ponies love the slop. While other want a track that’s desert-dry. Likewise some turf horses want wet grass and some want a surface that’s croquet-ready. Racing betting tips: Make sure you understand which type of surface your horse prefers and what the track conditions are that day before placing your bet.
Watch for Class Dropdowns
Is your horse dropping in class? If so it might be an attractive bet. Most betting forms whether physical or virtual will have a discrete note indicating if a horse is moving up or down in class. Horse racing betting tips: If your horse is moving down it has decent potential to pay off. If it’s moving up it might be better to wait and see how it does in a few races in the new class before wagering on it.
Is the Horse Coming off a Layoff?
Occasionally owners pull their horses from the track for a time. The reasons are many and may include a minor health issue or perhaps there were simply no agreeable races for a particular horse on the schedule. Racing betting tips: A horse coming off a layoff is not typically a safe bet. They need time to get their legs back under them like any other athlete. It’s typically smart to wait until their 2nd or 3rd race back to begin betting on these horses.
Some Common Types of Bets
Now let’s take a look at the different kinds of bets.
●       Single - With a Single you make 1 selection in 1 event. If it’s successful, you win.
●       Each Way - With an Each Way bet you bet on the horse to either Win or Place. Each Way betting tips: Be careful though because “Place” is often defined differently depending on the kind of race and how many horses are involved.
●       Accumulator/Racing Acca Tips - Also called the “acca” the accumulator is a single bet with a sequence of selections. Each selection in the sequence must win for the bet to succeed. If any one in the sequence fails the bet loses. Racing acca tips: Accas have the potential for enormous payouts. Common types of accumulators are doubles, trebles and four-fold accumulators. With a double having 2 selections a treble having 3 and so on, up to as many as 10 or even 15 accumulators.
●       Lucky 15 Tips - With a Lucky 15 you place 15 bets involving 4 selections. Those selections are spread out over different events and include 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 four-fold. If only one of your selections win returns are paid to treble the odds as a consolation. However, if you bring home all 4 selections you receive a bonus of 20%.
●       Lucky 31 Tips - A Lucky 31 is a step up in complexity, but also potential payout, from the Lucky 15. With the Lucky 31 tips you place 31 bets comprised of 5 selections over different events. Those bets include 5 singles, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-fold bets as well as a 5-fold acca. If you only win one selection returns are paid out at 4 times the odds. With 4 selections winning you receive a 15% bonus and with all 5 crossing the line the bonus is 25%.
●       Straight Forecast - With a straight forecast you select which horse will finish 1st and which will finish 2nd in a specific race.
●       Straight Tricast - With a Straight Tricast you select which horse will come in 1st, which will finish 2nd and which will finish 3rd in a given race.
Horse Racing Betting Tips Conclusion
There are many more different types of bets you can place on horse racing. Too many to list here. But these racing betting tips, including horse racing accumulator betting tips, give you a good idea of the type of bets involved and should also give you some indication of the importance of good research.